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Weafo App Installs an iOS Extension for Quick File-Sharing

Our Verdict

Ease of Use


No need to open any app, just use the iOS 8 Share Extension to transfer files.

agesSuitable for: TeacherspricetagPrice: £1.49


Weafo is an app that adds an iOS extension to your device to make it easy to transfer voice memos, documents, pictures etc. to other devices on your wi-fi network. It works cross-platform, meaning you can instantly send files to PCs, Macs, Android devices or anything with a web browser.

Once installed, Weafo is accessed via the share button so you don’t actually open up Weafo like a regular app. It’s an iOS extension — so anywhere you see the share button, you’ll see the Weafo icon. This makes it incredibly compatible with almost any app (Dropbox, Pages, GoodReader and more).

Files are transferred using a unique IP address that other web browsers can visit to download the files. The IP address is only accessible for those on the same wi-fi network, so it won’t work if recipients are on separate connections (e.g. one on wi-fi, one of 3G).

If you’re transferring lots of files or large files, Weafo will compress them to make it faster to send. You can also add a password for an added layer of security.

Overall, the real benefit of Weafo is the cross-platform functionality. Being able to send files to any browser is a real bonus, especially without cables or a complicated setup. It’s an ideal classroom app.

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