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Sortly is an App for Those who Like Things Organised

Sortly is an App for Those who Like Things Organised

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Create a visual inventory of anything with photos, QR labels, tags and notes.

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Sortly is a free app for organising physical objects in a digital and visual way. You take photographs and videos which are then assigned to tags and folders for the ultimate organised hub. However, before you get too excited, to fully take advantage of its best features, you’ll have to fork out £5.99 for the privilege.

One of Sortly’s highlights is the creative use of QR codes — a unique digital barcode-like icon. These can be printed out and displayed, which then link back to a digital folder or item in your Sortly account (or Evernote if you’re using that). For example, you could create a list of everything in Box XYZ and then get quick access to its contents by scanning the label even after it’s taped up and sealed. It really is a splendid way of organising! Especially if you’re moving classroom or house and everything is bundled into boxes.

You don’t have to be moving house in order to find a use for Sortly and it could quite easily become a teacher’s best friend. It could clean up the shelves of a messy cupboard or create a classroom library system for tracking who has borrowed what. The only real downside of Sortly is the price. It’s just too much.

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