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Printer Pro: Wirelessly Print from your iPad to a USB or Wi-Fi Printer

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| On 02, Dec 2014

Print documents, photos, web pages and email attachments.

agesSuitable for: TeacherspricetagPrice: £4.99

Printer Pro App Review

Printing from an iPad to a printer is easy if the printer has Apple’s certified AirPrint capabilities. However, if it only has wi-fi or a USB connection then things can be a little trickier. Printer Pro looks to ease the pain by making a connection from the printer to your iPad — as long as the printer is already connected to a Mac, PC or shared network.

After starting the app, the first step is to find and install your printer. If you have a wi-fi printer connected to the same network as the iPad, then this should be displayed. If you have a USB connected printer, hooked up to a classroom computer, then you’ll need to install a small bit of software on the Mac or PC first (which can be found here). The only issue with this, is that most school computers are unable to install new software (at least without a lot of hassle!). Luckily, the app can still setup the printer using an alternative method — the IP address. This can usually be found via the settings on the printer and then it’s just a case of entering the information into the app. If your printer doesn’t have an IP address, then you can assign one via a connected computer.

As the initial setup can be a daunting task, the good news is that you don’t have to fork out £4.99 to see if it works. The free Printer Pro Lite app has the same interface and setup but without the ability to print anything.

Once everything is successfully connected, the printing part is super easy. Whenever you’re in an app that contains a document, just look for the “Open with…” button and you’ll see the Printer Pro icon appear. It can handle many file formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pages, Numbers and Keynote. It also prints images and webpages without issue.

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