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MyScript Smart Note makes your Handwritten Notes Interactive

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MyScript Smart Note is the only note-taking application that turns handwritten words and maths formulas into interactive text.

agesSuitable for: TeacherspricetagPrice: FREE

MyScript Smart Note

MyScript are the handwriting recognition specialists when it comes to iPad apps. They’re the original creators of the popular maths app, MyScript Calculator, that calculates maths problems from handwritten numbers and symbols. This same technology is now found in their note-taking app: MyScript Smart Note.

The benefit of handwriting recognition means that your text is instantly searchable but your notes still look handwritten. You have all the benefits of typed text but with the ease of writing with your finger/stylus. As your text is interactive, it’s easily searchable and you can interact with words — looking up the definition or browsing to the Wikipedia page. It’s also possible to copy and paste your text into any other app that accepts text.

The app is free and includes one notebook with 10 pages. An in-app purchase unlocks unlimited notebooks/pages as well as extra import and sharing options.

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