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9Slides: Add Audio or Video Commentary to your Presentation Slides

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| On 10, Oct 2014

Import your presentations from Microsoft Powerpoint, Dropbox and more.

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9Slides App Review

If you’ve already created a presentation but want to make it more dynamic, then try adding a video with 9Slides. Similar to how Apple present their numerous Keynote speeches, it lets you display a video side-by-side with your slides. This makes it a great way to create a video lecture or as part of a flipped classroom.

When recording your video, you are able to flip through your slides as if you were performing the talk live. One feature we especially liked was the ability to see what slides are coming up next. This helps tremendously when your recording as you can plan ahead. At any point in your talk, the video and slide can be resized — allowing you to adjust where the viewer’s focus should be. Once you’ve finished creating your presentation, you can display it on the iPad or any web browser thanks to 9Slides’ cloud upload.

Although the app is free, you are limited to just 5 presentations and you can’t password protect your talks for sharing on the 9Slides website. There’s also some very annoying video ads before you play your presentation.

As with most free apps, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t try it out. It’s relatively simple to use and the results are pretty professional.

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