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Cloud Wifi: An App for Keeping Track of all your Wi-Fi Codes

Cloud Wifi: An App for Keeping Track of all your Wi-Fi Codes

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| On 19, May 2014

Share Wi-Fi with a friend or colleague without disclosing the password.

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Cloud Wifi App Review

Cloud Wifi is an app for managing the passwords for wireless connections. It takes advantage of iCloud so that all your logins are saved and synced across all devices. So if you are using the same Apple ID for every iPad, all the logins will be available on each one. It also means that any new Wi-Fi connections don’t have to be entered on every device.

Apple’s devices are renowned for being easy to restore and set up, but a problem that always occurs is the Wi-Fi passwords. Whether you know what it is or not, you still have to enter it in order to do anything. If the password gets changed for some reason or another, every device, yet again, needs to have the password entered. The Cloud Wifi app is hopefully here to make things a little easier.

In the app, you very rarely deal with confusing passwords, but instead you deal with profiles. These profiles can be installed within the settings of the device so that it’s ready to go within a matter of seconds. To create a profile, you enter the name of the network and the password. This then creates a profile that can be shared with any iOS device, either by email or by bluetooth. The recipient of the profile will never see the password of the network and they won’t be able to share it further. All they have to do is install the profile and they’re connected. So if you need to quickly share Wi-Fi details to a lot of iPads, Cloud Wifi is certainly a very quick way to do that.

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