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TeacherTool 5 is a Powerful Class and Grade Management App

TeacherTool 5 is a Powerful Class and Grade Management App

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A solution for teachers that combines three functions into one — digital calendar, notebook and timetable.

agesSuitable for: TeacherspricetagPrice: £20.99

TeacherTool 5

TeacherTool has been around since 2009 and this is their latest version of the app: TeacherTool 5. It hopes to revolutionise the way you handle student administration by making it more effective, customisable and easier to navigate. As you’re dealing with a lot of confidential information, TeacherTool uses powerful data encryption to prevent unauthorised access.

As TeacherTool can manage and organise so many tasks, here’s a list that highlights the most notable features:

  • Create interactive seating charts
  • Access student development by different criteria and view powerful performance analysis
  • Grades can be locked to avoid accidental change or deletion
  • Use emojis to grade work for younger learners
  • Manage student absences and late arrivals
  • A-Z Global Student List for managing classes/students of all ages
  • Comprehensive checklist function
  • Syncs with any iOS device
  • Airplay support for connecting to a whiteboard
  • Secure Touch ID entry (if device is compatible)

Due to the high cost of TeacherTool, you can thankfully try out a free trial called TeacherTool One. This is only capable of one course for up to 30 students, but it does provide a good overview of how the app functions.

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  1. You should give a look at iDoceo for the iPad. It has more features, it is more user friendly and for half the price.

    • Great! Thanks for the tip. It shall be added to the to-do list 🙂

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