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Nearpod: Stream Presentations, Surveys & Tests to Other iPads Simultaneously

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| On 30, Jun 2014

Real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution.

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Nearpod App Review

At first glance, Nearpod is just like any other presentation app, but with one crucial feature. It’s the first app we’ve seen that streams live content to all your other iPads at the same time — meaning greater engagement and collaboration.

To get started with Nearpod, you’ll need to create a free account, which you can complete on the iPad or at the Nearpod website. We recommend doing this on their website as the iPad only lets you access your presentations — not create them.

Video: Quick Guide to Getting Started

When creating a presentation with Nearpod, you can embed various dynamic elements that students can interact with. Here’s a few noteworthy features that you can add:


These are like slides within a presentation that can be viewed independently by the student. Sort of like a presentation within a presentation.


You customise the questions and students can answer them on their own device. Once all students have voted, the results are immediately displayed on the teacher’s device.


Similar to surveys in that students provide the answers. Any answers can also be shared with other devices if necessary from the teacher’s iPad. Brilliant for group discussions!

Embed Videos

This is a bit of a nuisance if you’re a free user as you only have 20MB of space. You can add videos to a slide but only in MP4 format that you have to source and upload yourself. You are currently unable to embed a YouTube video, so you have to download it separately and re-upload to Nearpod. Very awkward and time-consuming!


Students can be given the opportunity to create using simple drawing tools.

Add a Website

Include a web address that students can browse in their own time without fiddling with screenshots.

Overall, Nearpod is a brilliantly useful app for the classroom. We love the ability to get live survey results, without having to total up answers manually. The collaboration tools keep everyone involved and helps students keep a finger on the pulse of what they’re learning.

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