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Capture Classroom Data Quickly with Brightloop

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Take notes on students, track their learning and send data home to parents.

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Brightloop is a new and speedy way to track student learning in real-time. It is based on the U.S. curriculum but it can apply to teachers everywhere as it focuses more on developmental milestones.

Brightloop is not an app for thorough evaluations and more for a short, quick analysis as things happen. When you tap on a student, you can choose the subject the note is related to and select the appropriate button: Needs Attention, Working On Target, Working Beyond Target and Photo Evidence.

Some aspects of Brightloop are incredibly easy but others seem an impossible task. After a quick email with the developers, a few things were clarified so hopefully this will help someone:

1. How do you edit/delete a class/pupil?

To delete a class click on the gear in to top right of the classroom overview page. In there you can delete or archive the classroom.

To delete a student go into the classroom he or she is in. Click the “Settings” in the top right corner from there you can delete students.

2. I have pupils in my class working at different stages. Is there any way to assign stages to individuals rather than the whole class?

We are working on this. You’ll have the ability to select grades outside of the one you set for the classroom.

3. Is there anyway of editing/deleting notes?

Click on a student like your going to take a note. Then click on “View all Notes” and tap on the note you want to delete/edit. You might have to click on the “All Subjects” tab in review to see the note in question.

4. How do you share with parents?

First you have to add the parents email and they must accept emails from BrightLoop. To add a parent email go into the classroom and click on “Settings” in the top right. Find the student and click “Add Sharing Email”, then add the parents email. You can check back in this spot to see if the parent has accepted the invitation. You can now check the box “Email This Note Home” when creating a note for a student and you’ll get a confirmation box when sending it home.

Overall, Brightloop is ideal for compiling notes with minimal effort. It has a lot of potential for the future and in the meantime is a great resource for report writing. You can also check out the Brightloop Teacher website for inspiration on how other teachers are using the app.

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