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Our FAQs are here to help you with the basics. We are constantly improving the list so if you have a question that needs answered, just get in touch.

What is an iPad?

An iPad is a touchscreen, portable computer made by Apple. Some of it’s features include the ability to read books, create documents, shoot video, take photos and browse the web.

How much does an iPad cost?

There are two versions of iPad, the standard model (£399) and the iPad Mini (£269). Prices increase further depending on storage options and 3G versions.

What is an app?

Apps (short for applications) are downloaded from the App Store and are the heart and soul of your iPad. Each app is specifically designed to look and function brilliantly on the iPad.

What is the App Store?

The App Store contains over 300,000 free and paid apps that can be downloaded to your iPad. There’s apps for learning, creating, organising and much more. When you download an app, it is added to your iPad’s screen in the form of an easily accessible icon.

Why should I have an iPad in my classroom?

The iPad is a great learning tool for all ages. It’s simple interface is great for infants, yet the range of apps allow upper school pupils to be challenged.

How does an iPad compare to a PC?

Some of the main benefits of an iPad when compared to a PC are: the touchscreen capabilities, no viruses to worry about, simple interface, easy app updates, portablity, 10 hour battery life, excellent accessibility with voice control and audible alerts, not to mention the incredible range of reasonably priced (including free!) apps available.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is the name of Apple’s syncing service that lets you access your music, photos, calendars, contacts, documents, and more, from whatever device you’re on. For example when you download an app, it will automatically download on your other devices free of charge using iCloud (maximum of 10 devices per Apple ID).

What happens if my iPad breaks?

If you have an issue with your iPad, regardless of it’s age, you should take it to your local Apple store where they will check it over for free. If it needs anything fixed, they will let you know how much it would be to get it working again. If your iPad is less than a year old, any problems will be fixed free of charge. If your iPad is older than a year, you can extend your warranty by purchasing the Applecare Protection Plan.

We have a lot of iPads, can I get a discount for buying apps in volume?

The Apple Volume Purchase Program allows educational institutions to purchase multiple copies of iOS apps at a discounted price. App developers can provide their apps for 50 per cent off App Store prices in quantities of 20 or more. You are then emailed a spreadsheet of codes that can be redeemed on each iPad’s App Store.

Is there a teacher discount for buying iPads?

Yes. Just head to the Apple Education Store where you’ll get a saving of around 10%.