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A Fun Matching Game for Developing Fraction Skills

April 27, 2016 | Digizip

Another way of practising fractions whilst improving your memory.

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Math Shake Helps Kids Understand and Calculate Word Problems

November 12, 2015 | Digizip

Math Shake was created by educators and developed with maths specialists in schools, to engage mathematicians from ages 6-14.

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Marble Math is a Classic Labyrinth-Style Game with Numbers

September 2, 2015 | Digizip

Solve a variety of math problems by collecting numbers as you roll or drag your marble through a series of fun mazes.

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Geometry, Counting, Equations, Time, Money and More in Todo Maths

August 20, 2015 | Digizip

Todo Maths is ideal for learning foundational maths skills at home and in the classroom.

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Bankaroo is a Virtual Bank for Children to Learn the Value of Money

June 24, 2015 | Digizip

Supporting multiple currencies like £, $ and € as well as hearts, stars and points.

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Sketchometry: Create Geometrical Constructions using your Finger

June 17, 2015 | Digizip

Calculate the angles and lengths for any shape that you draw.

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