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Disney Animated Explores the Art and Inspiration Behind the Hit Films

October 19, 2015 | Digizip

Exclusive art and behind-the-scenes details from Walt Disney Animation Studios.

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ScratchJr is a Simplified Version of the Popular Programming Language

August 27, 2015 | Digizip

With ScratchJr, young children learn important new skills as they program their own interactive stories and games.

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Learn Apple’s Official Coding Language with Swifty

May 21, 2015 | Digizip

Swifty teaches you coding with 200+ interactive lectures.

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Monster Scout: Scan Any Room and Zap Away Nearby Monsters

May 20, 2015 | Digizip

It quickly scans an area to determine if creatures are hiding under beds or in closets.

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Infinity Ring is an Immersive Time-Travel Adventure

May 8, 2015 | Digizip

History is broken, and three kids must travel back in time to set it right.

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Control a Cartoon Turtle by Learning the Basics of Programming

April 21, 2015 | Digizip

A friendly interface makes it great for children.

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