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How to Wirelessly Mirror your iPad to a Projector or SMARTboard

| On 27, Mar 2014

AirServer mirrors your iPad to a computer so you can connect to an external display.

Connecting an iPad to a SMARTboard or projector just became a whole lot easier. We’ve written in the past about connecting an interactive whiteboard to an iPad and it involved adding a lot of extra components. Thankfully, with AirServer, all you need is your iPad, your computer and your external display (assuming your computer and display are already connected!).

Apple’s AirPlay feature for iOS devices will only mirror your screen to an Apple TV. But with AirServer, it transforms your Mac or PC into an AirPlay receiver.

When you select the AirPlay button on your iPad, a window will open on your computer that displays the screen contents. If you’re just going to be using one iPad then you can maximise the window into full-screen mode. However, you can add multiple iPads and position their screens side by side. This gives students the opportunity to share ideas to the class or let you monitor what everyone is doing. Depending on the speed of your wireless internet, you may notice a slight delay in the transmission — but it general it works really well.

AirServer is available for both Mac and PC for a small one-off fee (less than £10). If you’re not sure, you can download the free 7-day trial and test out all the features first.

Source: AirServer

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