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Mozbii Releases the World's First Colour-Picking Stylus for Touchscreens

Captures any colour that you point the stylus at, allowing you to use that colour in your digital designs.

The Mozbii stylus is truly like something from the future. It can scan and identify any colour that you point the stylus at, allowing you to use that colour digitally on your tablet. Not only is this seriously cool, but it allows children to step away from the screen and explore their environment for inspiration.

The stylus comes in 5 colours and is completely child friendly. It has a bendy neck, it’s made from a durable silica gel and certainly won’t mind being dropped a few times (which undoubtedly will happen!). As it’s an electronic device it also needs to be charged, but thankfully it’ll last weeks before a charge is needed.

When it comes to using the stylus, the creators have provided four app options, most of which are colouring books. However, if the stylus is going to succeed it’ll need to become compatible with other apps like Inspire Pro or ArtRage. Mozbii provide all the code necessary to make 3rd-party apps compatible so it’s all down to the developers if they want to support it.

The Mozbii colour-picking stylus was originally a Kickstarter idea that was successfully funded and put into production. As with a lot of Kickstarter projects, they sometimes struggle to keep the business going after the initial influx of capital. So the key is to get in quick if you really love a product.

As they don’t currently have a UK stockist, they need to be sent directly from Asia. The stylus costs around £61 but after shipping fees and customs charges it’ll be around £80 (PayPal is accepted for added security). If you wanted to buy more than one for your school, I’d definitely recommend contacting them for a discount.

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