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Doxie One is a Beautiful, Portable Wireless Scanner for iPad

Doxie One is a Beautiful, Portable Wireless Scanner for iPad

| On 05, Mar 2014

Say hello to Doxie One – the new easy way to go paperless with your iPad.

No longer do you need a big, clunky scanner, taking up precious space in the classroom. The Doxie One is just 10.5 inches long and weighs 13.6 ounces. Each image that’s scanned is stored on the built-in SD card that you can later insert into your iPad (or computer) to retrieve all your images. Please note however, that depending on your iPad model, you’ll need to purchase the correct camera connection kit in order to use the SD card.

Once you press the power button, you simply insert your paper and the Doxie One pulls it through automatically similar to a laminator – but a lot faster! An A4 page is scanned in just 8 seconds. This doesn’t even take into account the time you save by not having to lift any lids or position any documents!

More and more classrooms are beginning to start class blogs, so the Doxie is great for quickly getting pupils’ work online. If you have 25 pupils’ work to upload, it could take ages with an older, slower scanner. As the Doxie is so easy to use, pupils could even scan their own work, giving you time to get on with other things.


The Doxie One is available in black but if you’d like a brighter one, you can buy the additional skins pack that adds 7 colour options (as seen above). It connects with Mac and PCs, as well as Evernote and Dropbox by using the software included.

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