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Display Your iPad's Screen on an Interactive Whiteboard

Display Your iPad’s Screen on an Interactive Whiteboard

| On 11, Apr 2013

Here we explain what we think is the quickest and best way to connect your iPad to an interactive whiteboard.

You currently can’t interact with your iPad using a whiteboard, but you can display an exact mirror image with sound.

Displaying your iPad screen on the interactive whiteboard frees you up to sit anywhere in the class and control the screen – rather than being restricted to sitting right next to the computer. You could even use the SMART Board Notebook app.

You can also share the incredible world of apps with the class which you wouldn’t ordinarily have access to using a standard PC. Although pupils can’t interact with the app using the board directly, their interactions on the iPad can be seen by everyone on the board – this is especially useful if you only have access to one iPad.

If you have more than one iPad available in the class, then connecting to the interactive whiteboard still has many benefits. It allows you to give live demonstrations without spending time creating screencasts. You can also discuss certain apps as a group or let pupils present their work to the class. Our method makes it easy to quickly change which iPad is being displayed on the whiteboard.

What You’ll Need

Please note that if your projector has an HDMI slot, you can connect straight away with a standard HDMI cable. The following information is for most projectors that do not have an HDMI slot.

  • Apple TV – This is the official Apple product that your iPad uses to connect to your whiteboard.
  • Kanex ATV Pro – This converts the HDMI signal (from the Apple TV) to a separate audio and video signal (for the projector).
  • iPad – Self explanatory, the iPad is the starting point for sending the information to your whiteboard.
  • Projector – This is what projects the video to your whiteboard.
  • SMART Board – This is where the screen output from your iPad will end up and is connected to your projector.
  • Speakers – As the projector only deals with video, you need speakers for the audio output.
  • VGA Cable – You’ll likely already have a VGA cable connecting to the back of your class computer, from your projector. It’ll be used to connect between the Kanex ATV Pro and the projector
  • Wireless Internet Connection – An internet connection is needed to allow the iPads to connect without the need for cables.

How Everything is Connected

connect ipad to interactive whiteboard

  1. Plug the Kanex ATV Pro into the Apple TV using the attached HDMI cable.
  2. Connect the speakers to the Kanex ATV Pro using a 3.5mm audio cable, which will most likely come with your speakers.
  3. Disconnect the VGA cable from the back of your computer and attach it to the Kanex ATV Pro.
  4. Switch on your Apple TV, projector, speakers and whiteboard.
  5. At this point, you should have your Apple TV screen appearing on your whiteboard.
  6. Next, connect your Apple TV to your wireless network. For in-depth support check out the official guide from Apple.
  7. Assuming your iPad is already connected to your wireless network too, you can now begin mirroring the screen to your Apple TV. Click here for detailed information.
  8. Enjoy your iPad displayed in big screen glory!

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