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Develop Children’s Reading and Writing Skills with Collins Big Cat App Series

Develop Children’s Reading and Writing Skills with Collins Big Cat App Series

| On 14, Nov 2014

Animated and interactive books that bring stories to life.

Collins Big Cat have a brilliant set of books to help children aged 4+ learn to read and write. Every book in the series comes with narration (with highlighted words), music and sound effects to make each story as interesting and enjoyable as possible. There’s even the opportunity for readers to record their own narration and sound effects.

Every book listed below is absolutely free!

My Bike Ride

I’m going on a bike ride. Come with me! This simple non-fiction recount of a girl’s ride along a cycle trail introduces and reinforces directions. Up, down, left, right, come and ride with me! Make the bikes move in the right direction by making the correct gesture across the screen.


Around the World

around the world collins big cat
We went by train, by boat, by plane, around the world and back again. Then where did we go? Follow two children on their journey to India, Africa and China and take a look at what they see. This imaginative poem brings the sights and sounds of their travels to life.


It Was a Cold, Dark Night

cold dark night collins big cat
It was a long winter night, and Ned the hedgehog was looking for a home. Does he live down a big hole? Does he live in a tree? As leaves fall to the forest floor and stars twinkle in the night sky, help Ned find a warm place to sleep for the winter.


The Farmer’s Lunch

collins big cat farmers lunch
Where’s my sandwich? Where’s my banana? The poor farmer has lost his lunch, but where has it gone? Explore the farmyard to help the farmer find his lunch and discover if the farm animals have a surprise in store for him. This story has a predictable structure and patterned language to help early readers.



collins big cat playing
We like playing in the rain, the wind, the snow and the mud. Where do you like playing? Read along as three children play outside whatever the weather. Written and illustrated by the award-winning Tim Hopgood, this story has a predictable story and patterned language to support early readers.


At the Dump

at the dump collins big cat
Where does the paper go? Where does the glass go? What else can we recycle at the dump? A family trip to the local rubbish dump allows children to practise their own recycling skills – can you drag the correct rubbish into the bins? Help the characters tidy up so that all the household waste is thrown away.


In the Garden

collins big cat in the garden
Where are the children exploring? In the garden, in the leaves, in the mud – where do they go next? And what are they looking for? Use the magnifying glass to help the children find mini-beasts – you’ll have to look hard, they’re very small! How many can you find?


The Steam Train

the steam train collins big cat
The steam train is pulling out of the station, it heads to the hills, into a rainstorm, through a tunnel and out the other side into the sunshine and to the seaside. Follow the rhythm and the rhyme of this simple poem and travel with the train on its wonderful adventure.


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