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Five of the Best Microphones for Recording Audio on the iPad

Five of the Best Microphones for Recording Audio on the iPad

An external microphone can provide much higher quality recordings than what’s possible using the built-in option.

For general chit-chat the iPad’s microphone would certainly suffice. Audio notes, reminders, voice calls are not tasks that warrant an external accessory. However, if you want to record a crispy clear narration for a presentation, sound effects for an animation project, or the lead vocals in your music class — an external microphone can greatly improve the quality of the audio captured.

Many cheaper microphones out there are not worth the expense. The difference in audio recordings are barely noticeable from the default iPad recordings. In order to really hear the difference you need to choose a microphone that’s been designed and developed to a high standard.

MV5 Digital Microphone by Shure

shure motivv mvs microphone ipad

A stylish microphone that has three modes for recording virtually any sound source. A reputable brand in the music industry with high performance audio capture.

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MV88 Digital Microphone by Shure

shure mv88 ipad microphone

A small but mighty portable microphone that captures clean, clear stereo sound on the go. It’s mounted to a unique 90-degree hinge with built-in rotation that allows for a highly flexible microphone position.

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MiC Microphone by Apogee

apogee mic ipad

About the size of an iPhone, the Apogee MiC can record any sound you can imagine, from vocals to vibraphones, pianos to percussion and everything in between.

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IK Multimedia Microphone HD by iRig

ik multimedia irig microphone

The iRig mic is a traditional design that produces a high quality sound and is great for recording vocals, interviewing and anything on camera that may need a professional touch. It has the added bonus of having excellent free software that helps get the most out of the device.

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Spark Digital Microphone by Blue

blue microphones ipad

Expanding on the professional sound of Blue’s analogue microphone, Spark Digital is a professional recording device that offers both USB and iPad connectivity. It has studio-grade performance with hand-tuned components giving you consistent performance across a wide range of audio sources.

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