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Xperica HD Brings Practical Experiments to the iPad

Xperica HD Brings Practical Experiments to the iPad

Our Verdict

Ease of Use


Giving science teachers and students another tool at their disposal to explain concepts in a visual manner.

agesSuitable for: KS3pricetagPrice: FREE

Xperica HD

Xperica HD is a good introduction to many science experiments without physically having the apparatus in front of you. You can learn classic experiments such as Laws of Moments and Resistance in a Series, whilst adjusting variables and seeing how it affects the results. You get four free experiments and a further six via an in-app purchase of £0.79.

For each experiment, the app displays a classroom-like setting complete with wall sockets, whiteboards and a desk — making it as close to the real thing as possible. There are also various buttons that give more information relating to the experiment including the procedure and the apparatus that will be used. This helps students understand what they’re doing, how they’re going to achieve it and what equipment they’ll need.

Xperica HD hasn’t been updated in almost three years so it does have a few bugs and will crash on occasion. That being said, it might be wise to hold off on any in-app purchases and stick to the free experiments instead.

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