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Measure Heart and Breathing Rate using the Vital Signs Camera App

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| On 05, Jun 2014

The app detects your heartbeat by the small changes in the colour of your face.

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Vital Signs Camera App Review

The face of a person can reveal their age, their emotions and now their health. By using new technology, the Philips Vital Signs Camera app can monitor your heart rate and your breathing rate by analysing you through the camera. It’ll even analyse two people at the same time and record the results separately.

The app works by focusing on your face for a few seconds, while it captures the small changes in skin colour with every beat of your heart. It then uses this information to calculate how many times a minute your heart is beating. To measure your breathing pattern, it works in a similar way but this time it analyses the movement in your chest as you breathe.

After the scan, you get to assess the results and compare with previous tests. Considering this is all calculated without the need of additional hardware, it really is an incredible piece of technology.

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