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Science360: A Rotating Wall of Science News, Images and Videos

Science360: A Rotating Wall of Science News, Images and Videos science360 science360

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| On 06, Feb 2014

Science360 is a huge directory of information gathered from scientists, universities and engineering centres.

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Science360 App Review

The Science360 wall of information contains hundreds of images that link to further content like videos and news articles. When you open the app for the first time, the wall takes quite a while to load all the images and you will need to have a wireless internet connection for that to happen.

The tiled grid is very visual but it does lack some practical features and you don’t know what each story is about, even if you zoom in to display the opening sentence of the article. This makes it quite tricky to find content that you’re either interested in or want more information about. In order to find information about a particular topic or object, you need to use the tags feature. By tapping with two fingers on the grid you bring up the menu where you can select this option. From there you can choose from hundreds of tags that match an article, video or photograph.

Although Science360 is a nice concept, it just didn’t meet our expectations of being a complete overview of science. The content was quite random and it’s much more like a history of science in the news than an encyclopaedia. It does however cover a lot of science topics so it’s worth having incase there’s a relevant video or article for your lesson. After all, it’s free.

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