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Penultimate is your Digital Notebook for Writing, Drawing, Creativity

Penultimate is your Digital Notebook for Writing, Drawing, Creativity

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| On 29, Apr 2013

Penultimate is by far the best writing and drawing app for using your iPad as a notebook.

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Penultimate App Review

Penultimate is another app from the fine folks at Evernote, so you know it’s going to be well-designed and updated regularly. It allows you to create and store multiple digital notebooks by simply drawing and writing using your finger. We would recommend using a stylus with Penultimate if you were going to produce work in great detail. Your finger only really allows you to do so much, as the surface area is a lot bigger than the tip of a stylus.

Within each notebook, you can create an infinite number of pages, so you don’t have to worry about wasting any paper! There are two ways to add a new page: if you are on the notebooks thumbnail page then you tap ‘Insert Page’ at the top right of the screen; if you’re already in the drawing/writing view then you simply turn the last page of your notebook and a new page will be automatically created. Penultimate also allows you to clear a page, duplicate, reorder or even change the notebook it’s currently in.

As standard, Penultimate comes with a selection of paper that you can set as a background template for a page in your notebook. The default paper options are plain, lined and graph but you can purchase more at the ‘Paper Shop’ within the app, by tapping the paper icon in the menubar. You can also check out the website iPad Papers where they list lots of free paper that you can save as an image and load in to your app later. Some of the templates available at iPad Papers include guitar tabs, storyboards and t-shirts, all of which expand the capabilities of Penultimate.

Using Penultimate in the Classroom

  • Note-taking whilst watching a video; in groups
  • Hand-writing practice
  • Write music
  • Use as a simple to-do list

As Penultimate is part of Evernote, everything you create can be saved online to your Evernote account.

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