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Curator is a Digital Moodboard for Organising and Presenting

Our Verdict

Ease of Use


Collect, organise and present your ideas anywhere.

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Curator is a very clean and polished app that is heavily focused on design and clarity. It’s great for showcasing ideas or creating a grid of inspiration for a project or trip. When using it in school, Curator can be used as a tool for allowing students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of a topic.

Using the app is straight forward due to its simple design and therefore suitable for a range of users. When opening the app, you are presented with a blank board consisting of 25 empty cells in which you can add your own text, images and websites as well as import from Flickr, Instagram and Pinterest. The app works well as a digital moodboard where you can collect your ideas visually but with the added features of organising and presenting your collection cleanly.

Whilst this app has good features and design, it’s let down by it’s sharing options. You can export your board as a PDF but in doing so you lose the lovely grid design and website links.

Curator also offers a premium subscription either monthly (£3.99) or yearly (£35.99) in which you get access to more features such as bigger boards, collaborative boards and unlimited storage, to name a few. However, it’s likely that the free option will suffice.

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