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Vimeo: The Beautiful Alternative to YouTube

Our Verdict

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| On 24, Jan 2014

Vimeo is a clean, uncluttered alternative to YouTube for sharing or storing your videos.

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Vimeo App Review

If you wanted to share a video from your iPad, you’re given a few options. One of those is Vimeo. It allows you to not only share your own creations but discover videos from other filmmakers too. We frequently find animations of Pixar-like quality, that are great for using as story inspiration or maybe just a treat at the end of the day. When uploading your own videos, you get a 500GB allowance that renews every week and you can upload in HD too.

One of the great features of Vimeo is the privacy options. For example, you can embed a video on your class blog but only make it viewable when you enter a password. You simply create the password from your account and then share it with those you wish to see it.

As good a service as Vimeo is, the app doesn’t really do much apart from act as a video player. You can’t do any major tweaks or alter many settings so we’d suggest using the web browser for that instead. But if you just want to view your own collection of uploaded videos or gather inspiration from other users, try out the app.

Using Vimeo in the Classroom

  • Store or share videos
  • Story inspiration

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