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VideoPix: View & Edit your Video Footage in Slow Motion

VideoPix: View & Edit your Video Footage in Slow Motion videopix ipad app

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| On 09, Sep 2014

VideoPix has been used by Olympic swimmers to improve their technique.

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VideoPix App Review

The two main benefits of VideoPix is the ability to slow down your videos for editing and capture frame-by-frame photographs from within. This means that you can shoot video, without having to worry about missing any photo opportunities.

One of the good things about VideoPix is that you don’t have to shoot your videos from the app in order to see it in slow motion. So you can film your event using a more professional video app like Filmic Pro and then edit till your heart’s content in VideoPix.

Editing a video is a relatively easy process and you’re not overwhelmed by lots of buttons or confusing settings. You select the playback speed (from 1-60 frames per second) and then trim the sections of the video you’d like to keep. Videos will be saved with the original audio unless it’s super slow-mo, in which case there will be no audio at all.

As mentioned before, you also have the option of saving key moments as photographs. This is especially handy if you’ve accidentally taken a video instead of a photo, or you want to extract a key action shot from a sporting event.

VideoPix may not have a lot of video editing features, but that’s what makes it easy to use. It does two things and it does it in a way that children can understand.

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