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Skitch: The Drawing and Annotation App for iPad

Skitch: The Drawing and Annotation App for iPad

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| On 17, Apr 2013

Evernote Skitch is part of the Evernote network of apps that allows you to annotate, sketch or draw over images and PDFs.

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Skitch App Review

Once you’ve signed into Skitch using your Evernote account, you’re presented with the homescreen. From here you can add a new Skitch note, or browse and search all of the Skitch notes in your Evernote account. When creating a new Skitch note you can take a photo, choose a saved image from your camera roll, use a map, start with a blank screen or capture a screenshot from the web browser. Once you’ve selected one of those, you can then begin adding annotations, shapes and text. There’s even a highlighter tool that works exactly like the real pen does, keeping the image or text visible underneath. If there’s parts of your image that you’d like to be unseen, you can select the pixelate tool and it will blur the area that you select. You can draw arrows, circles and more that can then be easily moved by tapping on them and dragging to a new location on your screen.

Using these excellent free tools in Skitch, it’s incredibly easy to explain something or get your point across.

Using Skitch in the Classroom

  • Annotate a diagram for pupils to fill in
  • Spot spelling errors using the highlighter tool
  • Highlight places and rivers on a map

All of your Skitch notes sync with your Evernote account. If you’d like to find out more about Evernote, click here.

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