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Add Cinematic Lightning Effects to your Photos with LensFlare

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| On 25, Jun 2014

Add a whole new dimension to your photographs with Hollywood and sci-fi style effects.

agesSuitable for: KS2/KS3pricetagPrice: £1.49

LensFlare App Review

When you take a photograph that contains harsh bursts of light, the camera sometimes produces lens flare, where light is scattered within the lens system. The app LensFlare helps you recreate some of these effects, to add a dramatic look to your photos.

The app contains over 50 different styles of effects and you can adjust each one to your liking, such as colour, brightness and size. The lens flare can be moved or rotated using your finger, so you can place it in the perfect position in your photo.

LensFlare will likely only appeal to a small audience, as it doesn’t feel like much of a necessity. However, if you have a photography club or want to create some epic-looking space photos, you might want to give LensFlare a try.

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