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Scribble my Story is a Wonderful Mix of Art & Literacy

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A wonderful, age-appropriate creativity experience.

agesSuitable for: KS1pricetagPrice: FREE

Scribble my Story

Scribble my Story is a book creator app for children aged 3-7 years. It allows them to build their own book, one page at a time. On each page you are given a blank canvas for your art and a sentence at the bottom with editable words.

The sentence on each page is very basic and only small parts can be changed — usually a single word. For example, in the ‘All About Me’ book you have the option of choosing where you live: a house, castle or rocket ship. The entire sentence, including the optional words, are read aloud by a bubbly narrator who fits perfectly within the theme of the app.

When it comes to drawing your illustrations, Scribble my Story certainly has plenty of pens and colours for you to choose from. An entire shelf is kitted out with every colour imaginable, like something you’d see in an art shop! In addition, you have a great selection of stickers that are related to the story, so budding artists can incorporate them into their artwork by drawing on top or around.

The app comes with 6 pre-made books or you can create your own from scratch — using the microphone to record your narration. The books aren’t very long (3 pages) and you can’t add any extra pages to them unless you’ve created the whole book yourself using the blank template.

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