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MyScript Stylus is a Keyboard Extension for using your Handwriting in Any App

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MyScript Stylus provides a handwriting alternative to onscreen and physical keyboards.

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MyScript Stylus

MyScript Stylus isn’t an app, but a keyboard extension that replaces (not permanently) the standard Apple keyboard. It’s for those who would prefer to use their own handwriting instead of tapping keys individually.

Keyboard extensions have been around since iOS 8 and they are compatible in all apps that use text input (emails, messages, twitter, documents etc.). They offer a unique way to input data, such as the time-saver TextExpander and the clever SwiftKey.

As MyScript Stylus doesn’t use keys, it displays a handwriting field where you write using your finger or stylus. Each word is detected by the keyboard, converted into text and added to the app you’re using. When you write towards the edge of the screen, the keyboard automatically scrolls along to give you more room to continue writing. Although this works, it can disrupt your flow as it’s not quite fast enough — it’s perfect for slower writers.

If the keyboard has detected the wrong word or you make a mistake, you can correct it relatively easily. Just like you would the standard keyboard, you tap to select the error and re-write it again, whether it’s a single character or an entire word. Occasionally it will struggle with cursive handwriting and you may need to write letters one by one, but overall it’s very clever.

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