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Access Over 15,000 Comics in Marvel Unlimited

Access Over 15,000 Comics in Marvel Unlimited

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All-you-can-read comic books for a $9.99 monthly subscription.

agesSuitable for: KS2/KS3pricetagPrice: FREE

Marvel Unlimited

Think of Marvel Unlimited as the Spotify of comics. It lets readers access thousands of great Marvel comics from The Avengers to X-Men, all through a handy monthly ($9.99) or yearly ($69) subscription.

Titles are browsable by series, character, creator or comic event and are then either streamed to the iPad or downloaded to read offline. You can store up to 12 comics offline for reading later — ideal for classrooms that lack wi-fi or long school trips on the bus.

Although the database of comics stretches back to the 1960s, the more recent issues are lacking. Newer issues can be available as soon as 6 months after release, which is okay if you don’t mind waiting.

If you want a trial of the Marvel Unlimited experience, there are many free issues included in the app, so you can decide if it will be beneficial to your class or school. As the Marvel subscription is handled externally, you could potentially have one school account that all the iPads can login to.

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