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Infinity Ring is an Immersive Time-Travel Adventure

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History is broken, and three kids must travel back in time to set it right.

agesSuitable for: KS2pricetagPrice: FREE

Infinity Ring

Infinity Ring by Scholastic is a series of apps and books that take you back through history on an adventure. In each episode/app you must complete an important mission as one of three characters. The first episode, The King of Diamonds, is set in Paris during the French Revolution. Your objective is to prevent the theft of the crown jewels by solving mini games and interacting with key historical figures.

Each 3D world is incredibly immersive and the graphics are almost comparable to console video games. It feels like you’re watching a children’s TV show that you get to interact with and control. It certainly holds your attention.

Scholastic have done a great job ensuring the educational benefits are a key part of the game without being too intrusive. Infinity Ring makes the learning experience feel much more natural. Remembering information becomes a lot easier when it relates to the story.

There are 8 episodes in the Infinity Ring series — all available to buy as a book or play online. The first three episodes can be played on the iPad and your progress syncs between any devices that are used.

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