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Folger Luminary Shakespeare Reinvents the Classics

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The world’s leading Shakespeare experts with convenient, accessible commentaries and explanatory notes.

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Folger Luminary Shakespeare

The Folger Shakespeare Library is a world-renowned research centre located in Washington, D.C. Their collection of Shakespeare apps are a unique experience of audio and visual resources, reinvented for the mobile age.

The app has full-length audio recordings performed by professional actors in the Folger Theatre. Text is highlighted on-screen in real-time and scrolls past as it is spoken — it really helps bring the text to life. Other audio features include commentary by scholars, teachers and actors, providing expert analysis of classic scenes.

As well as consuming content, the app also lets users create a private network where they can submit their own comments and share them with their peers, teachers, lecturers or users around the world. It’s a great way to discuss, research and plan for a Shakespeare project or essay.

All of the apps are £8.99 but there is one free version: Macbeth. It’s packed full of content and it allows you to see how the other apps in the series function. It’s a brilliant app for learning about Shakespeare.

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