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Improve your Geography Knowledge in the Wonderfully Illustrated Game: Worldly

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Join the famous explorer Sir Maxwell Worldly as he travels the globe in his hot air balloon.

agesSuitable for: KS2pricetagPrice: £2.49


Worldly is a brilliantly executed app that quizzes users on a number of topics from locations all over the world. It covers countries, continents, populations, currencies, regions, flags and more. It’s a truly jam-packed geography app.

In addition to all the mini games, Worldly is visually beautiful. With the help of a BAFTA award-winning art team, you can’t really expect anything less. The subtle animations, addictive music and fun sound effects add to the experience, making the game really enjoyable to play. However, don’t let these cute illustrations fool you; some of the questions can be a real challenge for anyone.

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