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Wikilinks: Making Sense of the Knowledge on Wikipedia

Wikilinks: Making Sense of the Knowledge on Wikipedia

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| On 10, Jun 2014

The only app that plays Wikipedia videos on the iPad.

agesSuitable for: AllpricetagPrice: £4.99

Wikilinks App Review

Wikilinks is a smart and elegant app for browsing and searching three major knowledge-based websites: Wikipedia, Wiktionary and YouTube. After entering a search term, Wikilinks presents a list of results from these websites, that you can then explore further by tapping on each one. Also worth mentioning is that articles can be downloaded to the app directly, so that subsequent use will not require an internet connection.

As seen in the image above, Wikilinks can also search for related topics. These are displayed like a mind-map, allowing you to recognise relationships and connections between various articles. This is great for discovering connections that you wouldn’t normally have found through the basic Wikipedia website.

Particularly noteworthy is the integration of multimedia. For example, images from Wikipedia are presented in galleries rather than stuck to the sidebar of a webpage. It also displays YouTube videos inline with the search results, along with a short introduction — creating a much more engaging experience for finding and discovering information.

Although the app is listed at £4.99, it frequently gets reduced in price so keep an eye on it. It’s even been offered for free multiple times within the last year.

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