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BrainPOP's Animated Videos Help Pupils Learn Something New Everyday

BrainPOP’s Animated Videos Help Pupils Learn Something New Everyday

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| On 10, Apr 2013

The BrainPOP app gives you access to a free daily animation which covers topics like English, Science and Technology.

agesSuitable for: KS2/KS3pricetagPrice: FREE

BrainPOP App Review

The BrainPOP app is a mobile version of the very successful BrainPOP website that lets you learn something new everyday for free. Instead of articles to read, Brainpop has animated videos that are then followed by an interactive quiz to test your knowledge on the subject. Each day you have access to a free video and quiz, but if you want access to all their content and other features, you need to subscribe. The app layout is very child-friendly, with everything clearly labeled and topics easy to navigate through. The topics included in the app are science, humanities, english, maths, arts, PSHE & citizenship, and design & technology.

Using BrainPOP in the Classroom

  • Display on your interactive whiteboard for the whole class
  • Encourage pupils to make notes and write their own quiz
  • Organise small groups for a daily quiz and record the results

The videos are usually about five minutes long, and in some cases go into great depth and detail. A few of their free videos include, Smoking, World War Two, Idioms and Cliches, Lord of the Flies, and Bullying.

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