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Learn Apple’s Official Coding Language with Swifty

Learn Apple’s Official Coding Language with Swifty

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Swifty teaches you coding with 200+ interactive lectures.

agesSuitable for: KS2/KS3pricetagPrice: FREE


Last year Apple announced a new programming language to give developers all the capabilities and freedom to create new and exciting apps. Apple states that it’s easy to learn and use but like other coding languages it takes time and patience. The app Swifty is a collection of tutorials to help you understand what it’s all about.

The app contains 12 chapters — the first of which is called Swift Basics and is available for free. It has a number of steps that are easy to follow and gives you a very brief introduction to variables, strings and more. When a step is completed it displays a purple tick so it’ll remember your progress if you close the app. If you’re enjoying Swifty, you can purchase the remaining chapters for £2.29.

Swifty doesn’t teach you how to build an app but it does teach you the basic concepts that you would use to build an app. If you’re ever planning to delve into the app world, Swift is definitely the language you’ll want to know. Some of the best universities in the world have already begun teaching Swift in their computer programming courses.

For extra assistance with your learning, download Apple’s free Swift programming guide.

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