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Disney Animated Explores the Art and Inspiration Behind the Hit Films

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Exclusive art and behind-the-scenes details from Walt Disney Animation Studios.

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Disney Animated

Whether you’re young or old, Disney films have touched everyone’s lives. They have always been at the forefront of animation and they know how to make a film that will hit every emotion. In Disney Animated, you explore the filmmaking process with an in-depth look at how the magic is created.

The app is split into sections, similar to an interactive book, that displays various animated clips which act as buttons. You can choose from sections such as character development, visual effects, layouts, backgrounds, music and more. It covers everything required to make an animated feature film.

disney animated lion king

There is no lack of content in Disney Animated and you’ll find a whopping 750 video clips, more than 150 old and new images from the Disney archives, and a rich timeline of over 50 Disney films. In some instances, you can see the original sketches playing along side the final version — a great example of how initial ideas progress from start to finish.

One of the most impressive features of the app is the huge colour map. Disney took every frame from each of its movies from the last 75 years and shrunk them to fit on a single screen. Scrolling through each one is accompanied by the soundtrack which delightfully brings everything to life.

disney animated lion king

Disney Animated isn’t all about viewing content and a great deal of the app focuses on hands-on learning. There are tools adapted from Disney’s real modelling software that allow the user to animate their favourite characters, such as changing expressions and moving 3D figures.

Overall, Disney Animated is an exceptional app that will appeal to fans of Disney or animation. It’s won multiple awards and it’s not difficult to see why.

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