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Sketchbook Ink: A Professional Drawing App using Ink

Sketchbook Ink: A Professional Drawing App using Ink

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Ease of Use


An easy-to-use pen & ink drawing app that enables you to create amazing line art and export high-resolution images.

agesSuitable for: AllpricetagPrice: £3.99

Sketchbook Ink

Sketchbook Ink is more of a specialised drawing app and it likely won’t appeal to younger children, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used by anyone. It has a very intuitive interface and thorough documentation upon first launch.

As the app only uses ink, it makes sure to provide you with plenty of line weights and brush styles. These brushes are very sensitive to the pressure that your finger (or stylus) applies — a gentle swipe gives you a thin line, whereas a longer press gives you a thicker line that bleeds slightly outwards like a real pen.

One of the best features of Sketchbook Ink is the ability to use layers, especially if you’re working on a complex drawing. This gives you the freedom to experiment without risk, as well as separating sections of your artwork for organising or exporting.

There’s no denying that Sketchbook Ink is a well developed app, but unless you’re looking specifically for an ink-based drawing solution, you’re likely better off with Autodesk Sketchbook that has a greater selection of tools for fewer pennies.

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