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Watch the Best of British Theatre on your iPad

Watch the Best of British Theatre on your iPad

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World-class productions captured and edited in high-definition.

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Digital Theatre

Digital Theatre is the largest on-demand platform specialising in delivering arts content. They have a simple and straightforward objective to make arts accessible regardless of geographical, social or economic boundaries. To help keep the authenticity of each theatre production, multiple camera angles are used to capture every detail of the live performances.

All shows can be rented or purchased in standard definition or HD. With rentals you have 30 days to start watching and then 48 hours from as soon as you hit play. You could technically watch a show as many times as possible within the 48 hours.

So although you won’t have the same atmosphere as being in the theatre (and you won’t need binoculars!), you can watch multiple shows for the same price as a ticket to one live show.

Education Subscriptions

In addition to individual shows, Digital Theatre also has a number of all-you-can-stream subscriptions for education. These vary in price and depend on how many students will be using the service. Once subscribed, students will have access to all age-appropriate productions, study guides, resources, interviews and documentaries.

7-11: An introduction to plays and playmakers providing a flexible framework to help support your teaching of the creative arts.

11-16: The full repertoire of our recent theatre productions. Use your subscription to support and develop achievement in English, drama and performing arts.

16-19: A front-row seat experience of our complete library of films of leading theatre productions. Plus exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into the playmaking process.

18+: Unlimited access to the highest quality English and drama resources that offer a unique perspective on current theatre practitioners and their work.

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