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Design and Sculpt your very own 3D Creature

Design and Sculpt your very own 3D Creature 123d creature

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| On 14, Feb 2014

123D Creature is a great tool for sculpting and painting your very own 3D creation.

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123D Creature App Review

Creating a fully-rotating 3D object can be a lot of work and usually a tricky experience as you’re working in a 360º environment. 123D Creature simplifies the entire process whilst still keeping enough features for more detailed creations. You begin your project by sculpting the mass of your creature — dragging out joints to create limbs. It works symmetrically so anything you add is automatically mirrored to the other side. Once you’re happy with the shape, you then move onto the painting section where you can begin to add colour. When painting, you have the option of using a paintbrush or airbrush; both of which produce a different effect. If you toggle the option of ‘Image Paint’ you can select from a number of pre-made items like eyes, feathers and faces but we found them quite difficult to apply in the right position.

123D Creature also gives you the opportunity to purchase your 3D creation. You upload your creature and they’ll print a real 3D version that you can hold in your hand. It’s not cheap but it does give you a completely unique piece of art that you sculpted. In our test, a small sculpture approximately 3x3x3 inches cost around £50 (€60).

If you don’t feel confident creating a sculpture on your own, you can choose from a number of super creations from the 123D Creature community and edit it to give it your own style. One annoyance we did find is that the app only works in portrait mode so if you have a cover or stand that sits the iPad horizontally, your art doesn’t rotate around.

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